Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mediation Rooms and Arbitration Rooms

The Rostie Group’s versatile meeting rooms are a popular choice amongst legal professionals looking for convenient and flexible space that can easily accommodate their unique professional needs. Our videoconferencing-equipped meetings rooms can be setup in a variety of different configurations, and can be easily customized according to your individual requirements. In addition to arbitration, mediation and litigation space, we also offer breakout rooms and private offices that can be used for client prep or one-on-one consultations. Our diverse room selection allows us to host groups ranging in size from 1-150.

The Rostie Group’s 24 hour availability and full-service catering and support options, make us an ideal choice for lawyers or union representatives looking for both flexibility and personalized service. We offer an unbeatable meeting room value, and are always happy to assist our customers with planning and preparation.

For more information on the The Rostie Group’s mediation rooms, arbitration space, deliberation Rooms, and office rentals, please contact Tracey Cook at 416-214-1840 or tcook@rostiegroup.com

Click here to learn more about our Toronto Mediation and Arbitration Space

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

$74.95 Virtual Offices in Toronto

The Rostie Group is now offering comprehensive virtual office packages from $74.95 per month - the lowest price in the entire Greater Toronto Area!

Perfect for a home based businesses, or for companies expanding into a new markets. A virtual office is an easy, cost-effective way to make a strong impression on current and prospective clients. Enjoy all the benefits of having a fully functioning office without moving from your present location; including priority access to offices and meeting rooms. The Rostie Group offers virtual offices from its 20 Bay Street business centre, located in the heart of Downtown Toronto, and its 2810 Matheson Blvd East location - minutes from Pearson International Airport in Mississauga.

If you are looking for a Toronto virtual office at a convenient and high-profile address, The Rostie Group will offer you the best value and service you will find anywhere in the GTA.

The Rostie Group's full-service virtual office packages can be customized to include the following options:

  • A Prestigious business address - for use on your business cards, letterhead and marketing materials (Choose either a 20 Bay Street or 2810 Matheson Blvd E. location)

  • Mail collection and forwarding - Mail is collected, packages are signed for and sent to you according to your instructions

  • Preferred rates on office supplies and couriers - Receive discounted rates on FedEx and more

  • Access ready-to-use offices and meeting rooms at preferred rates

  • On-demand administrative and technical support - Access to expert administrative and technical IT support teams

  • Use of local fax number for both incoming and outgoing faxes

  • A local phone number - Provide a local Toronto or Mississauga phone number to all your contacts

  • Personalized call answering - A professional receptionist answers your calls in your company’s name according to your specifications

  • Call redirecting - Specialized technology enables call redirection to your primary number.

To order a Toronto virtual office or Mississauga virtual office, or to learn more about available locations and package options, please visit The Rostie Group's website using the link below.

Virtual Offices in Toronto

Friday, March 26, 2010

Video Conferencing Applications are Growing!

Video conferencing has been around for quite awhile now, but advances in technology have made this a very attractive option for anyone looking to lower travel costs and expand their global reach. Recently, access gotten much more affordable and picture and sound quality has improved so much that many industries are taking advantage of the benefits of video conferencing. Video conferencing can allow you to have a real-time conversation with someone across the world, while still being able to see facial expressions and body language. This has been especially useful in mental health services, where patients can be put in touch with the best doctors and psychiatrists available without actually having to travel to hospitals and clinics. The benefits of videoconferencing in the telemental health industry can be read in a recent Time Magazine article found here.

The Rostie Group offers many video conferencing solutions at both its Downtown and Airport locations. We have conducted interviews, board meetings, press conferences, and even birthday parties through video conferencing. Video conferencing is the best way to connect with multiple clients around the world in seconds, without having to step foot in an airport. To find out more about The Rostie Group’s video conferencing abilities, please visit our website.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tips for a "Green" Meeting

When it comes to the environment, the old adage "every little bit helps" definitely rings true. At the Rostie Group, we have found that even the smallest modifications can have have huge benefits for both the environment and our pocketbooks. As a provider of meeting room space and other event planning services, we take an active role in ensuring that we always advocate the most eco-friendly meeting options. Below our some simple steps you can take to "green" your next meeting.


Reduce Waste
1. Print on both sides of all paper whenever possible for promotional materials and handouts.
2. Minimize automatic distribution of handouts – allow attendees to order copies instead.
3. Provide reusable name badges.

Plan to Recycle
4. Provide recycling stations for paper and recyclable beverage containers in meeting areas.
5. Cardboard and paper should be collected in exhibit areas.
6. Food vending areas provide opportunities for recycling cardboard, beverage containers, steel cans and plastics.
7. If reusables are not used, encourage use of recyclable beverage containers.

Conserve Energy, Reduce Traffic
8. Turn off all unneeded lighting. Take advantage of naturally lit meeting and exhibit spaces.
9. Encourage mass transportation options with phone numbers and Web addresses for route planning.
10. Coordinate shuttle service to take advantage of mass transit.

Food Service and Lodging
11. Plan food service needs to avoid unnecessary waste.
12. Seek out food service vendors who buy locally and recycle.
13. Donate excess food to charitable organizations.
14. Consider use of reusable (washable) food service items.

For more information about eco-friendly meeting options visit http://greenmeetings.usfi.com/

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

10 Common Meeting Personalities

At The Rostie Group, we always go the extra mile to ensure you have a positive meeting experience. Although we can provide you with first class meeting room space, full-service catering, videoconferencing, and a host of other services, the success of you meeting will still be highly dependent on the individual personalities involved in the proceedings.

The Globe & Mail recently published a very humourous article entitled the “The 10 Personalities that Can Help or Hurt your Meeting”. Anyone who has every participated in a lengthy meeting of any kind will likely be familiar with a least a few of the mentioned archetypes.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

10 Reasons to Love Airport Executive Offices

Lately our blog has featured a lot of coverage of our 20 Bay Street offices, but our Airport location also deserves some blog love. Below is our special tribute to The Rostie Group's Airport Executive Offices located at 2810 Matheson Boulevard in Mississauga.

Top 10 Reasons to Love The Rostie Group's Airport Executive Offices
1. Close to Pearson International Airport
3. Friendly staff
4. Easy access from all highways
5. Close-knit tenant community
6. Located in Mississauga's thriving high-tech district.
7. Videoconferencing equipped meeting rooms
8. On-site technical support
9. Awesome holiday parties
10. Lots of great hotels and restaurants nearby

For more information about our Airport Executive offices, please call Jasmin or Tracey at (416) 214-1840, or visit http://www.rostiegroup.com